House Calls and Private sessions

Although ideally babies get massaged from birth, in a class situation it is recommended the baby would be from six weeks to start a course. It can be more relaxing for the parent because babies that are that tiny bit older settle into the class situation easier. Sleep routine often starts at around this point too making getting up and out to a class that bit easier for you. If you feel you and your baby would be ready to start sooner give me a call and we can discuss your situation.

If you wanted to start sooner or if getting out is an issue, I can come to your house to teach you and your partner in the comfort of your own home. We can agree on a time that will best suit you and your baby.  

Price is €170 for 1 session of an hour and a half with your partner and baby in your home. Then you are invited to join a 5 week course where you get to meet other parents at no extra charge. If you did not want to attend the course a second home visit can be arranged.

Up to €100 refunded to you by health insurance. Check with your provider to see if you qualify.